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It is our purpose to provide excellent dental care for our patients like we would for our own family.  We are dedicated to our profession and work continuously to create and provide new, more valuable techniques and treatment that will enhance the quality of daily life for our patients.

We are genuinely concerned for your comfort before, during, and after every visit.  Because we want you to be as comfortable and happy as if you were in your own home, we offer a variety of exotic teas, hot chocolate, noise cancellation headphones, a wide selection of music, movie visor so you can enjoy watching a movie during your treatment, and white towel service for after your treatment. 

We hope that you will take from our office comfort, peace of mind, and confidence in your dental health and appearance. 

1416 Professional Drive, Ste 201      Petaluma, CA  94954          Phone: (707) 763-2682